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Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix)Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix)Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix)

Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix)

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twenty one pilots – Heathens (DISTO Remix)twenty one pilots – Heathens (DISTO Remix)

twenty one pilots – Heathens (DISTO Remix)

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We love EDM music and if you do too you’ve definitely come to the right place. Remix Songs is place for you to discover new music through remixes, mixes and mashups. Our mission is to help you find the best electronic music to suit your mood whether you’re chilling out on a Sunday evening, getting pumped up for a night out or going mental at a rave. We think of ourselves as community, that means we encourage you to submit EDM music and we’ll be sure to give it a listen and it may even get featured. We hope you enjoy your time here and please let us know if there are any improvements or issues you may have.


Everybody loves a good remix, that is just a fact. It probably goes without saying that our top focus here is remixes and the main reason behind this project. There are so many DJ’s producing brilliant music and publishing them across the internet that we wanted to build a website which sorted, tagged and categorised them to find the best remix songs. With the charts always producing some of catchiest tunes it’s not surprising that most people want to hear remixes of popular songs however old remixes are also quite highly sought after with DJ’s giving a new twist to classic & retro music.

DJ Mixes

Sometimes all you want to do is sit back flick on a mix and not worry about what song is coming on next, that’s why we have included a DJ mixes section of the site which allows you to select a mix based on your favourite EDM genre. Future house mixes is great dance music for house parties while deep house mixes would be more suited to a chilled night in. New genres pop up all the time within the EDM scene such as Trap mixes and dubstep mixes which have taken the world by storm. For all those hipsters, out there a very niche genre which combines classic swing music with EDM has also emerged creating Electro Swing mixes which is also worth a listen.


Mashups are a great way of bringing together several tracks in create a completely new song. The best mashups are normally produced by talented artist in from or an EDM or cover version. Mashups of popular songs are the most common as they tend to target a larger audience. Sometimes having an old mashups mixed with new song can also work very well. Mashups really bring together everything we showcases here at Cover Hook; remixes, covers and mixes can all be utilised in cleaver mashup. Be sure to check out the latest mashups to discover new artist and hear a new take on popular songs.

EDM Music

EDM music has never been more mainstream than today, which has caused remixes of popular songs even more sought after than ever. DJ remixes are fast becoming one of the top ways to promote an artist’s track by creating a dance version of the original. In some cases, club remixes can even become more popular than the original and DJ’s compete to have the best remix songs. The latest remix songs are very popular all over the world especially in an India where Hindi remixes are common along with in asia where nhac remixes are huge. Remixes are big in the movie and films music industry with bollywoord remix songs and  tv theme remixes ever prominent. Even classic music can be modernized by DJ’s creating old remix songs.