Adam Foster – Use Me

I need to go deaf like right now. As I don’t think I’ll hear a better mp3 ever, I mean how did they do it? How could they make a track so freaking awesome? Streaming tracks like this great but what would be prefect is a direct download. We’ve found it and I’m sure you can to. I cannot believe that this track was totally free! It’s great! We will always keep our services free of charge. We’re not a big fan of the lyrics but the mix is still great. Sometimes the artist can pick the wrong singer for their track. When a song like this comes on shuffle it always gets a party going. We need more music like this sent to us. Electronic Dance Music is everything anyone could ever ask for; this brilliant track is exactly why the world loves this genre. HD video and sound are a must for a good track or mix edm track. We wouldn’t have anything less for you. We love listening to new tracks send us over your favourite track videos. We will look over every mix and feature the best ones.

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