Ashton Love – Chances

Damn I think I’ve just heard the best mp3 in the whole world. Get this track to number 1 in the charts as soon as possible. Streaming tracks like this great but what would be prefect is a direct download. We’ve found it and I’m sure you can to. You can always stream songs here for free! songs or mixes. The ads on videos will go straight to the creators. When the lyrics are good the track normally works so damn well. It’s just got such as catchy beat! We think year is going to be this artist year, I mean all you have to do is listen to this banging track for proof. Today is a perfect day for this type of mix, nothing else can compare with it. We only wish we could hear more tracks like this one. If you have heard a brilliant HD track or mix today, then send it over to us. We’re always on the hunt for next big artist. If you know a artist who has produced a great track recently or maybe you’re a artist yourself please send us some mixes.

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