Axwell – Nobody Else

Oh my god I can’t believe the sick mp3, totally awesome. You have listen to this track we have had it on repeat. We would recommend you go out and find a download of this track. We’re sure you could find it on iTunes or the DJ official site. Stream as much tracks as you want 100% free all the time, that’s the way we will always be so enjoy! There’s something about the lyrics in the song which make us adore this track. We’re so sure you will do as well. We think we may have a contender for DJ of the month here… There is something a little bit special about them. If you like EDM music especially in this exact genre we are so sure you’re going to love this track we’d bet anything on it. Every single day we get people worrying that we are going to start reducing our video quality, but that will never happen. If you send us a new remix, we’ll listen to it and if we like it we totally might feature it! So, what are you waiting for.

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