Axwell – Nobody Else

Check out this brilliant remix video which has been selected by the Remix Songs team, so just sit back and enjoy the mp3. We need to find a download source for this track as soon as possible! Sometimes streaming just isn’t enough. Everyone deserves free music, we will never charge you to listen! We are proud to keep this promise for as long as we are live. Lyrics can be hit or miss in EDM but we actually quite like these. When it just works it work and were happy with this result. We love it when we get music submissions like this! This song is going straight on our weekly playlist for top tracks. We may submit this track to out internal awards for this particular genre, it’s got that little extra something about it. Wow! This mix HD is so brilliant that I just need to go party. I’m literally twitching get a drink in my hand right now. Have we missed any good mixes? Help us create an even better collection of mixes by sending us your remixes.

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