Bebe Rexha – Gateway Drug (Omar Varela Remix)

Oh my god I can’t believe the sick mp3, totally awesome. You have listen to this track we have had it on repeat.We’re not 100% sure if you can download this track yet, but we’ll keep looking in the meantime try iTunes maybe or try steaming it on Spotify.Not a penny, totally free! That’s what we love about streaming. We aim to always be a free service.The lyrics in the mix are okay, but the beat is great we can’t get enough of it. We need more DJ’s like this.There is something about this artist which is just so damn special, every time they come on our speakers everyone is listening.Finding a mix this good is hard, so when you do, you better enjoy it. So stop reading this and shut yours eyes and be amazed.I always try to listen to all my music in HD. It’s so much clearer! There isn’t any reason why you wouldn’t want the best right?Think you’ve heard a better mix? We want to hear it! Send the video now. We are always look for the next big track.

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