dontask – Ocean

If this mix was a mountain it would have to be Everest. It’s massive. You need to see this DJ perform live, they are so good. Why are you reading this? You should be listening to this awesome mix. Anyone know where we download this top-notch track? I love how that mp3 sounded! Can you […]

Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment (PLS&TY Remix)

Damn I think I’ve just heard the best track in the whole world. This DJ was played at my friend’s rave, it made us dance all night! I work up today heard this mix and just had to tell the world about it. If we find a download like we will try and share it […]

Teo Mandrelli – I Know (VIP Mix)

I must have died and gone to heaven because this track is out of this world. I think if I had one chance to see someone live it would be this DJ. After hearing this mix I cant wait to get out raving. I was over the moon when I found a download of this […]

Illenium – Crawl Outta Love (ft. Annika Wells) [PatrickReza Remix]

How did they do it? How could they make a track so freaking awesome? Just hearing this DJ’s tunes makes me get in the mood to out. Sometimes all it takes for an old hit to return is a good mix. I downloaded an album by a new singer and I fell in love. OMG! […]