Blinkie – Take Control

My buddy showed me this mix yesterday and low I literally just keep it on repeat over and over. I’m sure you’ll do the same now as well. If you’re a fan of this track why not download it via iTunes or similar service. This will help them produce more music. Never worry about paying […]

Elderbrook – Old Friend

I need to go deaf like right now. As I don’t think I’ll hear a better mp3 ever, I mean how did they do it? How could they make a track so freaking awesome? If you know a legit download source for this let us know please. We need to get in contact with the […]

Dusky – Cold Heart

Get this MP3 on your playlist now because this track is on fire, we need more stuff like this being produced. I’m on iTunes right now looking for the download link. We normally download tracks like this but are using steaming more now. Never worry about paying for our service it is totally free! That […]

Kartell – Attracted

Today we bring you a totally lit mix in HD mp3, if there is one thing you do today it should be to listen to this track.We need to find a download source for this track as soon as possible! Sometimes streaming just isn’t enough.Adverts help make remix songs free, so please support the site […]