Chamma Chamma (Remix) | DJ Ritika | Elli Avrram | Neha Kakkar

I need to go deaf like right now. As I don’t think I’ll hear a better mp3 ever, I mean how did they do it? How could they make a track so freaking awesome? If you want to support the artist try buying a download of the track by iTunes or one of the many other me I don’t know how people made it without free access to music anytime! I don’t think we could survive without it anymore. Those lyrics are just boss! I can’t stop singing the song! When the artist and singer get it right it’s so good. This is a total holiday jam; every time you hear this artist you just think of the summer. It’s such a beach tune. All other tracks may be below this, the mix is unreal. Other DJ’s have been making some good music but this is another level. We only deal with the best HD quality videos, this is how we roll. So, don’t worry you can always find the best here. Don’t forget you can always send us yours or anyone’s video track for us to . Who knows it may get featured.

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