Davai – Cry Like Kim K (feat. Lisa Ajax & Call Me Loop)

I was bored, but after hearing that mix I’ve got so much energy. I think I’m going to head out now and paint the town red.We need to find a download source for this track as soon as possible! Sometimes streaming just isn’t enough.You can always stream songs here for free! songs or mixes. The ads on videos will go straight to the creators.Oh my god, we love the lyrics and mix of this track. The artist has really come to their own in recent years.Every once in a while, an artist like this comes out and makes a huge impact to the music industry and we just sit back and enjoy.Today is a perfect day for this type of mix, nothing else can compare with it. We only wish we could hear more tracks like this one.Downloading the HD version of this hit is so much worth it! But we have the HD version for you to stream right now.Have we missed any good mixes? Help us create an even better collection of mixes by sending us your songs.

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