Disturbed – Down With The Sickness (SYN Remix)

Wow! You need to listen to the awesome edition mp3 of this hit! How is it possible that this song is not a number 1 already?I would pay to get a download of this track. 100%. I love how some sites allow you to legally download mixes!It’s totally free to stream this song, the YouTube ads will help the DJ. We don’t make any revenue off these particular ads.Getting the lyrics to match a track is a challenge but it’s done well here. The DJ has done such as good job.This track from this DJ is so damn good, we might just have to get the new sound system we just got in the office on the go.If you like EDM music especially in this exact genre we are so sure you’re going to love this track we’d bet anything on it.If you have heard a brilliant HD remix or mix today, then send it over to us. We’re always on the hunt for next big DJ.Our aim is to have the biggest collection or remixes and mixes, so if you can help us out by sending over some tracks that would be great. %sentence_ending

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