DROELOE & Fytch – Through The Storm

This mp3 video has just landed here at the Remix Song studio and we just cannot stop listening, it is going to be on repeat for weeks. If you can’t find a direct download of this track out there try finding it on a streaming service and getting it there. If you want to support the DJ watch all the video and also check out the adverts within the clip. The lyrics go so we so with this EDM baseline we are in love! Sometimes things just fit together perfectly. Your neighbours are going to hate you soon because we’re sure you’ll be having this song on max volume for the next few days. I’m going to have this mix on loop for a week I just know it, the is just something about the bass which is addictive. Downloading the HD version of this hit is so much worth it! But we have the HD version for you to stream right now. If you know a DJ who has produced a great track recently or maybe you’re a DJ yourself please send us some mixes.

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