Drop G, Tom Boye, VARGENTA & Labi Ramaj – All We Want (Feat. Micah Martin)

Wow! You need to listen to the awesome edition mp3 of this hit! How is it possible that this song is not a number 1 already? Download this track from iTunes or a similar music distribution service to help support the artist and help them grow. The best thing about streaming is that it is free and unlimited! We will never charge you a penny for our service. I didn’t realize how awesome the lyrics were! I was just into the beat! The singer worked so well with the DJ, totally unreal. We think we may have a contender for artist of the month here… There is something a little bit special about them. If you’re on your way home from work or just chilling on a beach somewhere this track is sure to get you moving. There’s no way that this HD mix can be beaten! It sounds so good every time! It will take a awesome track to knock this off its perch. Video tracks are a great way to communicate what music makes you feel. So, if you’ve got any like send them over to us.

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