Dualities – No One Like You (feat. Loé)

Today we bring you a totally lit mix in HD mp3, if there is one thing you do today it should be to listen to this track. If you know a legit download source for this let us know please. We need to get in contact with the DJ to get a link for this. Adverts help make remix songs free, so please support the site and take some time looking at them. Lyrics can be hit or miss in EDM but we actually quite like these. When it just works it work and were happy with this result. We think this DJ is something else! We’re totally in love with this track, this hook is like totally off the chain. All other tracks may be below this, the mix is unreal. Other DJ’s have been making some good music but this is another level. We only deal with the best HD quality videos, this is how we roll. So, don’t worry you can always find the best here. If there is one thing, we love its hearing new music, so please just send us over the latest mixes you’ve found.

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