Dzeko vs Riggi & Piros – Heaven (feat. Veronica)

The voice of this singer is truly otherworldly! We became an instant fan! It is hard to think of a more brilliant mp3 composition from this year! If you’re a fan of this track why not download it via iTunes or similar service. This will help them produce more music. I cannot believe that this track was totally free! It’s great! We will always keep our services free of charge. The lyrics in the mix are okay, but the beat is great we can’t get enough of it. We need more DJ’s like this. We love all types of music here but there is something special about this track, It’s hard to put your finger on but it’s sure is there. This genre is all anyone can talk about right now! That’s why we have featured so many track from around the world like this. Super HD videos are what we like and this track is the best of the best. We think quality is important and we stand by it. Have you heard a good mix today? If you have fire it over to us and we’ll try our hardest to listen to within the week.

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