Fastlane – Into You (Something Special)

Stop what you are doing right now listen to this brilliant mp3 video. We have picked out this track for a reason, so enjoy. If we find a download like we will try and share it for sure because otherwise you need to buy this track and get It download it asap. Thanks to free streaming you won’t have to waste space on you devices memory which can save you loads of money. This track has it all. Inspiring lyrics, uplifting beat. What else? This is the kind of song which gets you in the mood. Open your damn years and enjoy this work of art! We have literally had this on repeat for the last few hours. All other tracks may be below this, the mix is unreal. Other DJ’s have been making some good music but this is another level. Every time you stream a HD track on our site it helps out the DJ, all of the ads will go direct to them and We love seeing new songs and mixes send us your videos now. If it is pretty decent, we might add it to the site.

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