Faul & Wad – Tokyo (feat. Vertue)

Today we bring you a totally lit mix in HD mp3, if there is one thing you do today it should be to listen to this track. If you know a legit download source for this let us know please. We need to get in contact with the DJ to get a link for this. Man! Do I love technology! Unlimited and free streaming in the palm of your hand. We want to keep it this way. Damn the lyrics in this track are good, they work perfectly with the beat. We have to give the DJ props for delivering this gem. This track from this DJ is so damn good, we might just have to get the new sound system we just got in the office on the go. Sit back and enjoy this 1 of a kind mix, breathtakingly good stuff. If only there was more mixes just like this one! If you want to HD video just use the button on the video if it isnt already selected, we always have high quality there. If there is one thing, we love its hearing new music, so please just send us over the latest mixes you’ve found.

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