FTampa – EDM Sux

The voice of this singer is truly otherworldly! We became an instant fan! It is hard to think of a more brilliant mp3 composition from this year! If you’re a fan of this track why not download it via iTunes or similar service. This will help them produce more music. If you want to support the DJ watch all the video and also check out the adverts within the clip. The lyrics and the baseline are a perfect match! Very motivational! It just gets up you and ready for the day! We think we may have a contender for DJ of the month here… There is something a little bit special about them. Finding a mix this good is hard, so when you do, you better enjoy it. So stop reading this and shut yours eyes and be amazed. There’s no way that this HD mix can be beaten! It sounds so good every time! It will take a awesome track to knock this off its perch. Have you heard a good mix today? If you have fire it over to us and we’ll try our hardest to listen to within the week.

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