graves – I’m Fine (ft. EZI)

Ladies and gentleman we present to you a totally fresh mp3 which is going to literally blow your freaking minds! It is great how you can stream music these days! I had no more space on my hard drive. We’’ keep an eye for a download link still though. All of our tracks are free to stream, all of the adverts you see on the videos will go straight to the DJ. Remixes and mix are so good when the lyrics are done right and this is no exception the DJ and singer work so well. This track is actually so good, this might actually be the best thing we’ve heard all day and we listen to a lot of music. This genre of EDM music is great, it just seems to go with every type of mood regardless of where you are. Listening to HD versions of your favourite songs can really enhance them! That’s why we try to cater for this. Get in touch now if you’ve found a mix or remix videos you want to share. We will watch it and if its any good we may feature.

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