Gryffin – Bye Bye (feat. Ivy Adara)

We hope you enjoy this mp3 video which is sure to get you in the right mood for the day, so get ready and listen.It is great how you can stream music these days! I had no more space on my hard drive. We’’ keep an eye for a download link still though.I cannot believe that this remix was totally free! It’s great! We will always keep our services free of charge.Oh my god, we love the lyrics and mix of this track. The DJ has really come to their own in recent years.This DJ is something truly special, we just can’t get enough of them at the moment and we’re sure you’ll think the same.Ladies and gentleman this is why we love EDM so damn music. This track is exactly why we don’t get home on weekends until 6am.Anything which isn’t the best hd sound and video isn’t worth listening too. That’s why we only have the best quality for you.Don’t forget you can always send us yours or anyone’s video track for us to review. Who knows it may get featured.%sentence_ending

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