Gulabi Aankhen (Remix) | Sanam | DJ Vaggy | DJ Jazzy | Romantic Song Remix | AIDC

If this mp3 mix was a mountain it would have to be Everest. It’s massive so watch out, I think we’ve just found a new banger here.If you’re liking this track you should definitely download it, the best place for this is normally iTunes or the artists official website.I don’t know how people made it without free access to music anytime! I don’t think we could survive without it anymore.Lyrics can be hit or miss in EDM but we actually quite like these. When it just works it work and were happy with this result.Your neighbours are going to hate you soon because we’re sure you’ll be having this song on max volume for the next few days.Sit back and enjoy this 1 of a kind mix, breathtakingly good stuff. If only there was more mixes just like this one!Every single day we get people worrying that we are going to start reducing our video quality, but that will never happen. Video tracks are a great way to communicate what music makes you feel. So, if you’ve got any like send them over to us.

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