Hoober & Marvin Divine – Been The Man

Stop what you are doing right now listen to this brilliant mp3 video. We have picked out this track for a reason, so enjoy.If you know a legit download source for this let us know please. We need to get in contact with the artist to get a link for this.Thanks to free streaming you won’t have to waste space on you devices memory which can save you loads of money. When the lyrics are good the track normally works so damn well. It’s just got such as catchy beat!We think this artist is something else! We’re totally in love with this track, this hook is like totally off the chain.There are so many types of EDM music and this track is one of more popular ones at the moment, the artist has jumped on a trend and we’re loving it.Every time you stream a HD track on our site it helps out the DJ, all of the ads will go direct to them and Don’t forget you can always send us yours or anyone’s video track for us to . Who knows it may get featured.

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