Jess Glynne – Thursday (Jacked Remix)

Today we bring you a totally lit mix in HD mp3, if there is one thing you do today it should be to listen to this track. If we find a download like we will try and share it for sure because otherwise you need to buy this track and get It download it asap. You can always stream songs here for free! Remixes or mixes. The ads on videos will go straight to the creators. Sometimes lyrics make a song, we think this is the case here. The beats the DJ has produced just work so well with this artist. We’ve had this song playing non-stop today. This could be one of our favourites from this DJ and they have some great tracks. I work up today heard this mix and just had to tell the world about it. There is just something special about this track. You can’t really enjoy a track without a good HD video, we think it may be the best that we could find. We love seeing new remixes and mixes send us your videos now. If it is pretty decent, we might add it to the site.

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