Jetsonic – Glow

Damn I think I’ve just heard the best mp3 in the whole world. Get this track to number 1 in the charts as soon as possible.If you’re liking this track you should definitely download it, the best place for this is normally iTunes or the artists official website.Something that we are proud of is that our services are completely free and we aim to keep it that way forever.The bass was good, but the lyrics were what closed the deal for us, were singing the song in the office right now.This artist is something truly special, we just can’t get enough of them at the moment and we’re sure you’ll think the same.There are loads of EDM track released every week and we try to sort out the best ones for you, so we hope you like this one.Downloading the HD version of this hit is so much worth it! But we have the HD version for you to stream right now.Don’t forget you can always send us yours or anyone’s video track for us to review. Who knows it may get featured.

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