La La La (Remix) | Neha Kakkar | Arjun Kanungo | Bilal Saeed | DJ Shovik

If this mp3 mix was a mountain it would have to be Everest. It’s massive so watch out, I think we’ve just found a new banger here. Download this track from iTunes or a similar music distribution service to help support the DJ and help them grow. Never worry about paying for our services it will always be free. We make a little bit though ads, but just enough to keep the site up and running. Oh my god, we love the lyrics and mix of this track. The DJ has really come to their own in recent years. This track from this DJ is so damn good, we might just have to get the new sound system we just got in the office on the go. We may submit this track to out internal awards for this particular genre, it’s got that little extra something about it. Super HD videos are what we like and this track is the best of the best. We think quality is important and we stand by it. Don’t forget you can always send us yours or anyone’s video track for us to review. Who knows it may get featured.

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