Lady Gaga x Bradley Cooper – Shallow (Nesco Remix)

Today we bring you a totally lit mix in HD mp3, if there is one thing you do today it should be to listen to this track. Sometimes it’s worth checking out iTunes or the DJs official site and social media to get a download link. I don’t know how people made it without free access to music anytime! I don’t think we could survive without it anymore. The lyrics in the mix are okay, but the beat is great we can’t get enough of it. We need more DJ’s like this. When a song like this comes on shuffle it always gets a party going. We need more music like this sent to us. There are loads of EDM track released every week and we try to sort out the best ones for you, so we hope you like this one. HD video and sound are a must for a good remix or mix edm track. We wouldn’t have anything less for you. We’re always on the hunt for the next big DJ so if you’ve heard a great track this week the send it over to us.

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