Lewis Capaldi – Grace

The voice of this singer is truly otherworldly! We became an instant fan! It is hard to think of a more brilliant mp3 composition from this year! If you’re a fan of this track why not download it via iTunes or similar service. This will help them produce more music. All of our tracks are free to stream, all of the adverts you see on the videos will go straight to the artist. Lyrics can be hit or miss in music but we actually quite like these. When it just works it work and were happy with this result. We think this artist is something else! We’re totally in love with this track, this hook is like totally off the chain. Today is a perfect day for this type of mix, nothing else can compare with it. We only wish we could hear more tracks like this one. Wow! This mix HD is so brilliant that I just need to go party. I’m literally twitching get a drink in my hand right now. Did you like this track? Think you’ve got a better one? Send it over now. We’ll be listening to it and then it might get featured.

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