Metrush & PØP CULTUR – Constellations

Damn I think I’ve just heard the best mp3 in the whole world. Get this track to number 1 in the charts as soon as possible. After this I couldn’t wait to download the album of the artist It took me no time to download the album to my smartphone! Did you miss their live artist set? You can stream a replay for free on here. Just try use the search feature. The singer in the song nails the lyrics and makes this EDM track even better. We’re so amazed When a song like this comes on shuffle it always gets a party going. We need more music like this sent to us. A mix like this deserves some recognition from everyone, so if you like it be sure to share it with all your friends next time you see them. Wow! This mix HD is so brilliant that I just need to go party. I’m literally twitching get a drink in my hand right now. Found a good mix or track on YouTube? Send it over for us to . We want to have very best mixes on our site.

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