Mike Hawkins – No More Tears

Everyone in the office can’t stop listening to this beast mp3, we need to hear more stuff just like this, like right now!Get yourself onto iTunes or check out the artists social media to get a full high-quality download of the track.Stream as much tracks as you want 100% free all the time, that’s the way we will always be so enjoy!This track has it all. Inspiring lyrics, uplifting beat. What else? This is the kind of song which gets you in the mood.This artist may just be the best thing of the year and were not even joking. When you hear music like this you can’t ignore it.There are so many types of EDM music and this track is one of more popular ones at the moment, the artist has jumped on a trend and we’re loving it.If you have heard a brilliant HD track or mix today, then send it over to us. We’re always on the hunt for next big artist.If you’ve heard a good track today why not send it over to us, we might just feature it on the site.

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