Nicky Romero – My Way (feat. Alice Berg)

Wow! You need to listen to the awesome edition mp3 of this hit! How is it possible that this song is not a number 1 already?Download this track from iTunes or a similar music distribution service to help support the DJ and help them grow.Free, that’s what you like to hear. Streaming all day every day for nothing. We’re never going to change here at Remix Songs.Those lyrics are just boss! I can’t stop singing the song! When the DJ and singer get it right it’s so good.We think year is going to be this DJ year, I mean all you have to do is listen to this banging track for proof.Finding a mix this good is hard, so when you do, you better enjoy it. So stop reading this and shut yours eyes and be amazed.HD video and sound are a must for a good remix or mix edm track. We wouldn’t have anything less for you.Our aim is to have the biggest collection or remixes and mixes, so if you can help us out by sending over some tracks that would be great. %sentence_ending

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