Nora Van Elken – I’ll Be There

Damn I think I’ve just heard the best mp3 in the whole world. Get this track to number 1 in the charts as soon as possible. If you’re liking this track you should definitely download it, the best place for this is normally iTunes or the DJs official website. Free, that’s what you like to hear. Streaming all day every day for nothing. We’re never going to change here at Remix Songs. The singer doesn’t have the best voice, but the lyrics are so good it makes up for plus the beat is awesome. If you find any more banging songs like this one sent it to us like right now! We love this genre of music and we want more. Sit back and enjoy this 1 of a kind mix, breathtakingly good stuff. If only there was more mixes just like this one! One thing that we try to do here a remix songs is get HD music, so If you’ve heard a good DJ’s mix then please submit it to us. Did you just hear a great mix you want to us to checkout? Post the video to us and we’ll see if it can go on our site.

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