Paapi Muzik & JURGAZ – Burns Like Fire

Wow! You need to listen to the awesome edition mp3 of this hit! How is it possible that this song is not a number 1 already? If you want to support the artist try buying a download of the track by iTunes or one of the many other me Never worry about paying for our service it is totally free! That is what we will always strive achieve. The lyrics and the baseline are a perfect match! Very motivational! It just gets up you and ready for the day! We think this artist is something else! We’re totally in love with this track, this hook is like totally off the chain. There are so many types of EDM music and this track is one of more popular ones at the moment, the artist has jumped on a trend and we’re loving it. There’s no way that this HD mix can be beaten! It sounds so good every time! It will take a awesome track to knock this off its perch. We love seeing new songs and mixes send us your videos now. If it is pretty decent, we might add it to the site.

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