Post Malone, Swae Lee – Sunflower (Not Your Dope Remix)

Check out this brilliant remix video which has been selected by the Remix Songs team, so just sit back and enjoy the mp3. I would pay to get a download of this track. 100%. I love how some sites allow you to legally download mixes! All of our tracks are free to stream, all of the adverts you see on the videos will go straight to the DJ. The bass was good, but the lyrics were what closed the deal for us, were singing the song in the office right now. This track from this DJ is so damn good, we might just have to get the new sound system we just got in the office on the go. If you’re on your way home from work or just chilling on a beach somewhere this track is sure to get you moving. If you have heard a brilliant HD remix or mix today, then send it over to us. We’re always on the hunt for next big DJ. Don’t forget you can submit your track via video to us by using the onsite form. We’ll review it and then maybe upload it.

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