Tisoki – Gave You Love (feat. joegarratt)

Stop wasting time and listen to this mp3, totally worth it. Even if you’re having a bad day check it out this track and you’ll be loving life again.Get yourself onto iTunes or check out the artists social media to get a full high-quality download of the track.You can listen to this song as much as you want for free, how good is that? We promise never to charge for our services.The lyrics go so we so with this EDM baseline we are in love! Sometimes things just fit together perfectly.Everyone right now is totally amazed by how good this artist is, this track is something else special indeed.All other tracks may be below this, the mix is unreal. Other DJ’s have been making some good music but this is another level.There’s no way that this HD mix can be beaten! It sounds so good every time! It will take a awesome track to knock this off its perch.Did you like this track? Think you’ve got a better one? Send it over now. We’ll be listening to it and then it might get featured.

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