Trove – Higher than the moon

Everyone in the office can’t stop listening to this beast mp3, we need to hear more stuff just like this, like right now!We all want a download of this, but I think YouTube will do for now. Anyone know where we download this top-notch track?The best thing about this track is it’s totally free to stream here, we will never charge you for anything.The singer in this mix is great, owns the lyrics, which makes the track even better. We have to credit to the DJ as well.We think this DJ is something else! We’re totally in love with this track, this hook is like totally off the chain.When you hear a mix like this for the first time it’s a special thing. You need to just sit back and enjoy this true master piece.Nothing but HD quality videos Is what we seek to review. So, don’t submit one unless its go similar quality to this.We’re always on the hunt for the next big DJ so if you’ve heard a great track this week the send it over to us.%sentence_ending

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