Urvashi X Taki Taki (Remix) | DJ Chirag Dubai | DJ Snake | Yo Yo Honey Singh | AIDC

If this mp3 mix was a mountain it would have to be Everest. It’s massive so watch out, I think we’ve just found a new banger here. We know what you’re thinking, where can I download this track? Checkout iTunes. Or This track might available for download elsewhere, we’ll keep you posted. All of our tracks are free to stream, all of the adverts you see on the videos will go straight to the artist. The lyrics are a perfect fit for the beat. See? Unbeatable! We just need more collaboration between the signer and artist. If we need something to get you in the mood to out tonight then listen to this, it will just get you buzzing for the night. There are loads of EDM track released every week and we try to sort out the best ones for you, so we hope you like this one. If you want to HD video just use the button on the video if it isnt already selected, we always have high quality there. If you send us a new track, we’ll listen to it and if we like it we totally might feature it! So, what are you waiting for.

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