Veer Ji Viyohn (Dhol Mix) | DJ Avi Ghy | DJ Sagar | Jassi Sidhu | Speedy Singh

Freshly uploaded today by us, the Remix Song crew. We bring to you your next favourite mp3, as always in pure HD. If you’re after a download your best bet is to go to the DJs site or maybe just have a browse on iTunes. Stream as much tracks as you want 100% free all the time, that’s the way we will always be so enjoy! Damn the lyrics in this track are good, they work perfectly with the beat. We have to give the DJ props for delivering this gem. Open your damn years and enjoy this work of art! We have literally had this on repeat for the last few hours. This genre of EDM music is great, it just seems to go with every type of mood regardless of where you are. Here you can stream all these HD music files safely and legally. That’s what we stand for! High quality. If you want to submit a video just use the button at the top the to send us your track. We’ll review it may get uploaded.

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