Viva La Panda – Amaze [ChillYourMind Release]

Ladies and gentleman we present to you a totally fresh mp3 which is going to literally blow your freaking minds!Sometimes it’s worth checking out iTunes or the artists official site and social media to get a download link.Never worry about paying for our services it will always be free. We make a little bit though ads, but just enough to keep the site up and running.I didn’t realize how awesome the lyrics were! I was just into the beat! The singer worked so well with the DJ, totally unreal. This artist may just be the best thing of the year and were not even joking. When you hear music like this you can’t ignore it.Ladies and gentleman this is why we love EDM so damn music. This track is exactly why we don’t get home on weekends until 6am.Listening to HD versions of your favourite songs can really enhance them! That’s why we try to cater for this.Video tracks are a great way to communicate what music makes you feel. So, if you’ve got any like send them over to us.

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