XO Cupid – True Colors (feat. Maya Avedis)

Check out this brilliant track video which has been selected by the remix songs team, so just sit back and enjoy the mp3. Since I can steam and download all my music for a monthly fee, I don’t need CD’s. I was over the moon when I found a download of this track! All of our tracks are free to stream, all of the adverts you see on the videos will go straight to the artist. When the lyrics are good the track normally works so damn well. It’s just got such as catchy beat! Everyone right now is totally amazed by how good this artist is, this track is something else special indeed. Finding a mix this good is hard, so when you do, you better enjoy it. So stop reading this and shut yours eyes and be amazed. We only deal with the best HD quality videos, this is how we roll. So, don’t worry you can always find the best here. Video tracks are a great way to communicate what music makes you feel. So, if you’ve got any like send them over to us.

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